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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

Fiction | Poem | Adult | Published in 1849

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Reading Comprehension Answers

1. D. Line 2 establishes a “kingdom by the sea” as the poem’s setting, with the speaker referencing the kingdom and the seaside at various points throughout the poem.

2. A. Line 11 states that “winged seraphs of Heaven” envied the young couple’s love, and “this was the reason” (Line 13) the chilling wind came and killed Annabel Lee.

3. A. Lines 11-12 explain that the speaker and Annabel Lee had a love that the angels “coveted.”

4. B. In the final line of the poem, the speaker identifies Annabel’s resting place as “a tomb by the sounding sea” (Line 40). At other points in the poem, the tomb is referred to as a sepulcher.

5. C. Lines 37-39 describe the speaker’s ritual of spending the night next to his deceased lover in her coffin.